Welcome to the Taskplane API. Starting off, we want to preface by saying that this is a Beta version of our API, and that it will only get better from here. This version allows you do basic functionality with the Rest API, used by Taskplane itself.


The base API URL for all requests looks like this.

<aside> 💡 Please make sure to include the https part of the URL due to security reasons




Access token

To start off, you need to generate a personal access token. Personal access tokens will have the same level of access as you have when logged in to Taskplane as a regular user.

Create a personal access token


OAuth 2.0

<aside> 💡 OAuth 2.0 authentication is currently not implemented, but will be coming in the future


Using the token

When making HTTP requests to the API, make sure to send along your personal access token in a HTTP Authorization header. It should look something like this.

*fetch('<>', {
	Headers: {
		Authorization: 'Bearer XXXX_XXXX_XXXX_XXXX'

API Reference

Here, all the possible Rest endpoints available on the public Taskplane API will be listed, with expected input parameters, example responses, and HTTP status codes, and what they mean.

All nodes in the Taskplane API have this structure

  id: string
  createdAt: Date
  updatedAt: Date


Get current account

GET /account

Response: Account

Update current account